USA Disasters

Since 1995 Vessels of Mercy International has been responding to disasters here at home. We have a team of people ready to respond on a moment’s notice.  We also have those who are willing to go in several weeks later to assist with clean up and rebuilding. Our goal is always to evaluate and make an assessment of how to best respond. We always want our response to be a strategic one that will make a difference. We have learned over the years that to run to the scene the minute it happens is not always the most effective nor efficient way to respond or the best use of our resources both in manpower but also financially. Disasters have many phases, first it’s assessment and relief, then recovery, and then rebuilding. Disasters are best responded to in phases and over a period of time, not just the first 24hours or the first week it happens but over the long term. Visit our Hope in Action page to see the Disasters we have responded too.