Cookie Brigade–Bridge Builders in our City

The power of a COOKIE in the Inner City of Richmond

Who could have imagined what a cookie could do for building relationships, breaking down barriers and sharing the practical love of Christ in the most unlikely places? Yet this tool in the hands of willing volunteers is getting us into the homes of the inner city of the projects of Gilpin Court, Fairfield, Mosby, Creighton, and Wickam.  People we would never have had a chance of sharing with are now inviting us into their homes and the cookies were the key that unlocked the door.  Imagine going into the homes of the leading drug dealers, prostitutes and gang members of our inner city. That’s where these cupcakes/cookies are taking us.

It’s about building relationships, breaking down barriers an building bridges.  It’s about hearing their stories and finding out how we can help them.  It’s about talking with a woman who is being abused; a child who has no father.  It’s about listening and learning how we can help bear their burdens with them. It’s about loving them and showing them the practical love of Christ.  Our partnership with Faith Covenant Christian Fellowship is just another way we are reaching our city.   We have ladies who organize teams to bake cookies, those who deliver them and volunteers who take them into the homes.  The Cupcake-Cookie Brigade is on the move and claiming our city for Christ all provided by the hands of surrendered servants of God.   One cupcake, one cookie, one home, one life at a time!

If you’re interested in joining the Cookie Brigade call our office for more information at 804-740-4575

Team members needed: those who like to bake cookies

Cost:  Supply 1-2 dozen cupcakes or cookies per the schedule set based upon outreach dates. 

Here are the specs:

  • Qty:  24 Ziploc baggies with cookies
  • Cookie Sizes:  (3) normal size (72 cookies/6 doz) OR (2) larger size…like from Costco or Sam’s (48 cookies/4 doz)
  • Options:  Slice-n-bake, homemade or bakery-bought cookies (just not packaged, like Oreos)
  • Restrictions:  UNFROSTED and NUT-FREE
  • Additional:  Please label what kind they are, so the children know what they’re getting.


Delivery Info:

Where: Vessels of Mercy International office

Address:  12081 Gayton Road, Henrico, VA  23238

When:  Thursdays (10-noon and 2-4pm)

Phone: 804-740-4575  if you need to make other arrangements