Brunswick Women’s Reception and Pre Release Center

Every Tuesday a team of ladies travel to the Brunswick Women’s Reception and Pre Release Center located in Lawrenceville, VA (about an hour from Richmond). to minister to the ladies incarcerated there. Relationships are built, Truth is spoken, discipleship is taught and mentored to women that are broken and lost, with the hope they will hear and be changed by a touch of His mercy. Jesus said that He would have all men to come unto the knowledge of God and be saved. will they know unless they hear, and how will they hear unless we go?  Will you consider being one of those who will go and show the love of Jesus?  We have been working here since 1996. We’ve seen ladies come and go; we’ve seen ladies who hear and then fall away, but we’ve seen some ladies that are truly touched by the Master’s Hand…it’s an awesome privilege to be a part of God’s team.  Pray about it.  Maybe God’s calling you to offer a touch of His mercy to one of His lost and wounded lambs.

Team Members Needed:

-Those committed to the team and the ladies we serve

-A spirit of cooperation and submission to authority is key

Join others in frequent opportunities for worship services, teaching classes, Bible Studies, ongoing discipleship, one-on-one evangelism and mentoring opportunities.  Women are also involved as prayer partners and mentors.  Women are needed and welcomed to be involved in all aspects of the ministry. 


  • Must be at least 18 years of age. (Females Only)
  • Vessels of Mercy Intl. Application completed and approved prior to serving
  • Completed background check by Commonwealth of Virginia. 
  • Must be a US citizen

Contact Brenda Freeman for more information on how you can be a part of this dynamic ministry at