Field Outreach

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Suffering

Disaster Relief Services – Offering hope to the hopeless in the midst of Crisis!

Providing desperately needed food, clothing, relief supplies, practical assistance, counseling and medical care for victims of disasters, both here in the United States and internationally. Emergency Response teams mobilized to the disaster site.

  Short-term Missions Projects 

We take volunteer teams into countries to provide medical , dental and vision care services. Preventative as well as curative. Teaching community health, hygiene and nutrition. We also provide basic remodeling and repairing of schools and orphanages. Cost varies with each project.


Clean Water Project…cups of cold water!

Water is essential for survival. A short period of time without water is a death sentence for any human being. Vessels of Mercy International places water purification systems and cisterns to provide safe drinking water for villages that have been struck by a natural disaster or people who lack access to safe water. We also place deep and shallow water wells in communities around the world.

The spiritual impact is made when they see God’s love demonstrated through this wonderful, life sustaining gift, many eagerly receive Jesus as Lord. Living Water in action!

Each portable unit: $1500

Digging a deep water well and training of local villager for maintenance: $4000
Digging a shallow water well: $2000


Joshua’s Joy – Touch a child, reach a family, change a community

Providing medical care for patients who need life saving surgeries with no access in their countries to the desperately needed services, also providing critically needed medicines and equipment to remote mission clinics that serve the poor.

Shoes for His Feet

Provide shoes for children and families in countries ravaged by the effects of poverty and disease. This alone can reduce the risk of infection and disease that so many face daily.

New shoes are collected from area stores, individuals donors and groups.

Evangelism – Declaring the good news of Jesus Christ

Providing bibles, gospel tracts, and witness bracelets to those in the countries we serve as well as partnering with other ministries to get Bibles into closed countries and underground churches. Wherever we go we are dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through friendship evangelism, vacation Bible school, puppets, one on one sharing, drama, teaching and our love one for another.

Rehabilitation Services

We are currently partnering with two organizations to assist in the operations of these facilities that rehabilitate street children and/or children living in abusive home situations.

* Pronino, El’Progreso Honduras
* Deborah Center, Giarmata, Romania

Mercy Ministries

We provide clothes, shoes, medicines, hygiene needs and basic general operating needs for orphanages and leper colonies worldwide. Every year we partner with other ministries to ship containers of clothes and shoes to nations in need. We believe in putting Matthew 35:40 into action!


Larry’s Lunch

Our feeding program provides food to men, women, and children in nations such as Sudan, Honduras, Romania, and many more. The project was named “Larry’s Lunch” to honor and in remembrance of Bev Gibson’s father who died in 1981. He was a man full of compassion, always willing to help those in need and always willing to share his lunch.



Agricultural Services

We establish fish hatcheries and chicken, duck, and turkey farms. We provide milk cows, bulls, pigs, turkeys, and Hi-yield gardens in villages and countries that are underdeveloped or struggling nations. We have just established our first small greenhouse in Romania that will help provide food for the Deborah House and help them to become self-sustaining. This helps to provide for the village families as well as jobs.


 Child Sponsorship

We use a number of different ways to sponsor a child. Many of the children that we work with are street children, abused children, or children living in restricted nations. In order to protect them, we cannot give out their personal information; however, we ask that you sponsor a day in the life of a child. You can designate which country you would like. Current sponsorship programs are in Honduras, Romania, Cambodia, or Morocco. Your gift of $30 per month will go a long way in providing meals, clothing, and an education. Make a difference in the life of a child today!


School Supply Drive – Packing Hope…and breaking the cycle of poverty through education!

Join in the fun and help us with our Annual School Supply Drive. How about picking up a few extra things while you are out doing your school shopping?  What greater way to break the cycle of poverty than through education?   Through the Annual School Supply Project and your support, we will be able to help children attend school. Civic groups, church groups, universities, and other organizations can help other children by gathering school supplies that will arm them with the basic tools of education. In order to donate school supplies, items donated should be according to the following list of items. No additional items should be included, and all items must be new and unused.

Items Needed:

* Blunt-end or round tip scissors
* 12-inch rulers with metric markings
* New #2 pencils with erasers
* Small pencil sharpeners
* Large erasers
* Colored pencils (NO crayons please, they will melt!)
* Three folders with inside pockets
* Zippered pencil bags or boxes
* Red, black, blue pens
* Glue sticks
* Ponchos & back packs
*Hand Sanitizer

If you don’t have time to shop, your cash donation is welcomed. All items should be delivered to our office no later than August 15.

Training and Equipping – Preparing disciples to change the world

“Go ye into all the world….”(Mark16:15) is not an option; it is a charge and mandate of Christ. Whether we are senders or goers, Christ wants each of us to respond to that call. We provide training and preparation for those who are ready to bring help and hope to “the least of these” among us.

We also provide in-depth Bible studies on a regular basis hear at our headquarters. We believe it is the Word of God that changes us and causes us to grow. We are committed to providing this area of spiritual training that equips us to carry out the mandate that He has given.