Directors Field Notes 2011

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said. Matthew 4:19

January, 2011

Dear Travelers,

Over the last 29 years, I have walked and ventured on many different types of pathways-from ancient paths, to city streets, to paths forged through the jungle in highly remote areas.  I’ve crossed the desert plains and trekked through sand, rivers, snow and mud, and I’ve hiked up rocky footpaths.  Ive’ been on pathways from one extreme to another-from well worn pathways to the road far less traveled.  I love walking on old ancient paths.  I love blazing new trails and discovering uncharted territory, as long as I’m following Him.  That is the key, and that is what makes life worth living.

All through the years, I’ve heard the call repeat itself in my heart, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”  Christ has given this call to all who will follow Him and teh choice is ours.  It is never too late.

Here at Vessels of Mercy Internationla, we have determined that no matter what pathway the Lord leads us on, we will follow Him.  We will follow Him to the homes of the broken, to the poor and needy, to the tribes, to the streets of our city, to our nation and to our world.  So whether you serve here at home or in some far distant land, no matter if you are teh one who prays or teh one who sends, you become a part of our mission to reach all mankind with the Gospel and you enable us to motivate a new generation to complete the great commission.

The path of following Him is exciting!   Come walk with us as we follow Him and enjoy this exciting journey together!

Lead the way, Lord; we will follow.

Following Him,

Bev. Gibson