Our Partners

Samaritan’s Purse

By coordinating with other relief agencies, we are able to provide food, water, clothing, medical assistance, practical disaster aid and relief services. We have been partners with Samaritan’s Purse since 1999 and serve on their Disaster Relief Task Force.


Creating Brighter Futures for Latin American Street Children. We have been working with this organization since it’s beginning in 1999 and continue to help operate a facility for the former street children of Northern Honduras. Pronino is the only organization in Honduras that is working to rescue them from their life of misery and abuse on the streets.  We have also provided for the residential center, “Rosalie” a Milk Cow who has now had a calf through our Agricultural Program as well as a Tilapia Fishery and Chicken Farm. We provide  food through our Larry’s Lunch Program monthly.   We take a team annually to hold Vacation Bible School with the residents of ProNino.

Missio Link International

  • Deborah House…More than a Home….Hope! We have partnered with this organization since 2000 to establish a facility where girls that have been abused can now have a chance of a new life. The girls range in age from 6-18. We have assisted them in renovating and equipping the first Deborah house and have assisted in the construction, equipping and decorating of the Second Deborah House scheduled to open this Spring/Summer. We are committed to rescuing the lost and abused girls of Romania.
  • Agape Ministry—we have assisted in providing meals for their “meals on wheels” program to the home bound and elderly of Romania. As well as provided beautiful quilts made by friends of the ministry.
  • Medical—we have provided medical supplies and equipment to the local hospitals in Romania
  • Alpinis—We have helped to build this Christian Retreat and Conference Center. Located in Sibu, Romania. As well as provided towels, sheets and sports equipment. This center is used for youth camps, church and pastoral retreats.


Master Provisions

We have worked with this organization to ship medical and dental equipment and supplies to the Ukraine, thereby improving the health of this community and the care given by three local hospitals. We are also shipping clothes and shoes to local churches in the Ukraine, Kosovo and in Bosnia. By doing so we are able to provide jobs to the people. Containers are also being shipped into Mozambique India, Niger, Liberia, and Zimbabwe.

McDowell Mission

We work with this organization in West Virginia-Appalachian Mountains to restore and rebuild homes. We also provide food, clothes, school supplies, and winter coats. Every year at Christmas we sponsor individuals and families during our Holiday of Hope Project.

Military Ministry–Campus Crusade for Christ

We work as needed with this organization to provide Rapid Deployment Kits to our troops serving in the war in Iraq and around the world. We assist in the funding of these kits as well as assist in packaging the kits for shipment.

Nancy Cole Women’s Home-Lima, Peru

The NCWH is a place where young women ages 13-28 can come to be restored.  Many of the women have been involved with drug  and/or alcohol addictions, many have been abused, forgotten and discarded.  This program offers them a place where they can be free from a life of hopelessness, despair and addictions .  We have been serving with this organization since 2006, sending teams to hold Bible studies, making arts and crafts, teaching life skill activities and have also painted the mural that on the outside of the building.  We purchased industrial sewing machines and sponsor an instructor to teach the women a skill and trade so that upon completion of the program they are equipped in a vocation that they can obtain a job and be able to provide for themselves.

Feed the Children

Founded in 1979 by Larry and Frances Jones, Feed the Children is the 3rd largest international charity in the U.S. based on private, non government support. The mission of Feed the Children is to deliver food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to families who lack these essentials due to famine, war, poverty or natural disaster. Our organizations are common in nature therefore; we were invited and accepted by them as a partner agency to deliver many of these items to people in need.

International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local governments to ensure victim rescue, to prosecute perpetrators and to strengthen the community and civic factors that promote functioning public justice systems. IJM’s justice professionals work in their communities in 12 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to secure tangible and sustainable protection of national laws through local court systems. Vessels of Mercy International is serving alongside this organization to end slavery and human trafficking.

Nakuru (Kenya) Relief and Development

Vessels of Mercy Intl has been partnering with Nakuru Relief & Development since 2007, assisting the local body of Christ in Kenya to reach the unreached through strategic tools such as medical and dental clinics that open the door to share the gospel through the showing of the Jesus Film to villages and then one on one evangelism and discipleship.   Our teams have reached hundreds with much needed medical and dental care, and have had the opportunity to witness young warriors and others step forward to receive Christ for the first time.   It’s a great partnership and keeps in line with our mission of always using the two hands of the gospel, reaching out and touching people by meeting their physical needs and that opens the door to introduce them to the one who can meet their spiritual needs.

International Cooperating Ministries

Nurturing Believers and assisting Church growth worldwide. We are excited about this partnership that began in 2010 to establish buildings that can be used as Early Childhood Development Centers, schools, and a House of Worship for the local body of believers.  ICM-partnered churches become a place and presence for worship and outreach in communities. The church serves congregants as they enable the church to become salt and light dispensaries in their communities, bringing new believers to the foot of the Cross and placing unbelievers in the pathway of God’s transforming power. Church outreach programs may include: Sport Outreach Ministry (evangelism through athletic programs), vocational training, elementary education, Bible classes, and some are used to provide medical service.   These outreach efforts are important to the nurturing of the community as the church building becomes the hub of life for a community.

Children in Families (CIF)

A non-governmental and non-profit organization established by individuals concerned about the extreme overuse of institutions in caring for the needs of Cambodia’s children at risk, including orphaned, abused and trafficked children.  At CIF, we recognize God’s design of the family.  We understand that for children to develop and grow in a wholesome way requires the love, nurturing and security of a permanent family unit.  Our goal is to find Cambodian Christian families for children through adoption, long-term fostering and kinship care. The concept is simple: by linking Christian Cambodian families with these children at risk, some of the most vulnerable people in this country are given the opportunity to be adopted or fostered by loving parents and raised within a community setting. Vessels of Mercy International has been with CIF since its beginning in 2005.

Cross Culture Jesus

Cross Culture Jesus is an organization based just outside of Guatemala City. Its founders and directors, Francisco and Sarah Smith, have a passion to see the children and youth of Latin America achieve a better future.   Cross Culture Jesus is dedicated to taking the gospel across cultural boundaries just as Jesus did: by having compassion on the poor, fatherless, and widows, by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and teaching the Word of God in Guatemala and abroad.   Vessels of Mercy International has been partnering with CCJ since 2008.  We have been able to take in Vision care teams and teams to work in the women’s prisons and local rehabilitation Centers.   We’re excited about the many doors on opportunity before us.

Made to Glorify

Made to Glorify is a God-led ministry Lia Martin who responded to His whisper to encourage participation in The Great Commission. When God commissioned believers to do the work we were made to do, He equipped us to make disciples. To shine His light, glorify His grace, and offer His true story of salvation to all. Our jewelry is created with more than a purpose.  It’s on a mission from God: to empower the wearers to tell others about true hope and love, reaching a world in need. Its simplicity is strategic. Its personalization is provocative. Its custom-written, prayer-inspired scripture card is soul food for your journey, and a gift for others.  Each time you purchase any Made to Glorify piece, you add to the number of treasured keepsakes that our mission partners will be giving to new believers in Christ as they welcome them into His family.  Vessels of Mercy International &  Made to Glorify has partnered together since 2010 in taking the message of ” Child of God: One For All” …  to the nations of Romania and Honduras.

House of Hope—Nicaragua

House of Hope is a vocational rehabilitation program for women and their children leaving the world prostitution and human trafficking.

God is doing an awesome work with the over 60 residents at House of Hope. As the young women grow in the Lord and find His love, they also learn to love and nurture their children. As these ladies learn the depth of God’s love, they are gaining skills to cook, clean, sew, bake, knit, and crochet. Residents also learn vocational skills to support their families. Upon program graduation, residents leave House of Hope as completely new women in Christ.  Vessels of Mercy International is serving alongside this ministry to provide biblical studies to the woman as well as teaching knitting, crocheting, sewing, and work working to the ladies, giving them skills that can provide for their families.

One by One—Nicaragua
Innocence. Fun. Curiosity. Wonder.

These are words associated with children. Unfortunately, there are many who are robbed of their innocence, prohibited from having fun, losing their curiosity, and only wonder if their abuse will ever end. These are the innocent who suffer abuse, child labor, prostitution, or live life without hope. These are the ones who are unable to fight for themselves. These are the innocent that One by One will fight to restore.   Vessels of Mercy International is serving alongside this ministry to reach out to the children who are at considered at risk.  We provide Vacation Bible School to them giving them a chance to be children and learn about the one who makes everything possible….Jesus Christ!

Richmond Justice Initiative

Richmond Justice Initiative is a grassroots non-profit organization consisting of volunteers who have a passion to see an end to the human trafficking that is happening on an international level, but most importantly, the human trafficking happening in our own back yard, here in the City of Richmond, VA.   Our Mission is to bring an end to issues of the injustice of human trafficking by empowering the residents of Richmond and the surrounding area by providing education, awareness and prevention campaigns, and hosting fundraising events to support credible organizations that are involved in the work of eradicating human trafficking on a national and international level.
Vessels of Mercy International is serving alongside this organization to end slavery and human trafficking.

Faith Covenant Christian Fellowship

A local grassroots organization that is committed to the children living in the Gilpin, Mosby Ct area of Richmond, VA. We partner with this organization by providing mentoring and tutoring program weekly to children at risk.  Children are also provided learning and fun opportunities to go outside of their neighborhoods to broaden their focus and understanding of the many possibilities they have before them. We annual partner with them to provide food, clothes, and Christmas stockings.